A.I. and data analytics for an automated & intelligent mobile workforce.

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Kasava uses A.I. to provide a full suite of video tracking solutions to businesses using data analytics as an all-in-one solution for automated & intelligent management, empowering your mobile workforce. Our solutions provide video recording, location tracking, fuel monitoring, driver behaviour, safety and compliance, as well as training for your mobile workforce so that everyone is better equipped.

Vehicle Tracking & CCTV

Lone Worker


Workforce Management

Kasava Connect A.I.

Kasava Connect A.I. simulates the cognitive functionailty performed by the human mind; learning, problem-solving and general intelligence. Kasava Connect A.I. implements machine learning to provide a fully managed services encompassing Vehicle CCTV, Lone Worker and Bodycam solutions.

The Kasava ecosystem provides an end-to-end solution for workforce protection. We are hardware agnostic, meaning we either provide our own hardware, or we can incorporate your existing products into our ecosystem via our internal API.

Kasava Connect A.I. provides intelligence to reduce the level of human management required to service workforce protection solutions.

Kasava's external RESTful/JSON API allows telematics service providers, insurance companies, and other software providers to easily and seamlessly integrate Kasava Connect A.I. into their front-end.

Kasava Connect A.I.

We provide a modular solution, allowing customers to choose the components which they wish to implement. Most aspects are managed by our Kasava Connect A.I. which can automate multiple tasks.

Task assignment
Tasks are assigned automatically depending on the schedules, locations and planned routes of workers.

Event Detection
Events are analysed as to whether a false alert has been triggered.

Driver Training
Drivers are provided with bespoke feedback based on their driving style to improve their driver scores and fuel efficiency.

How Kasava Connect A.I. can help manage your fleet

When people think of A.I. in vehicles it will usually be in the form of autonomous driving…. Kasava Connect is A.I. in the sky. Offering intelligent tracking like never before, Kasava Connect A.I. ensures maximum efficiency of our customers workforce by taking on most of the leg work for them.

In vehicle tracking, event detection can be a significant problem, requiring human intervention to filter out the false alerts. Kasava Connect A.I. has the ability to analysis video, image, motion & location data captured during every event to post process and determine whether a false alert was triggered. Also, by collecting miles of data & combining with the video analytics, Kasava Connect A.I. has created a range of event profiles for different vehicles based on the data analysed.

Kasava Connect A.I. can produce bespoke training for your drivers to improve their driver scores and improve fuel efficiency, providing a truely automated and intelligent workforce protection solution.

How Kasava Connect A.I. can help protect your workforce

For Lone Worker safety, accurate alert detection is crucial. Kasava Connect A.I. analyses video, audio, image & motion data captured during every event to post process and determine whether a false alert was triggered, reducing wasted resources and ensuring that assistance is available when needed.

Kasava Lone Worker & Bodycam solutions also feature early threat detection where the worker should be monitored carefully as they are in a potentially dangerous situation.

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