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Our A.I. dashcams records the view through a vehicle's front windscreen, with the option of a secondary in-cabin camera. In-built 3G connection adds remote access and fleet management services.

Forward-Facing Dashcam

Full-HD video with optional internal or rear 2nd camera.

OBD-II Connection

The included OBD-II plug connects straight into your vehicle.

Vibration Alerts

Receive video & image alerts when vehicle is parked.

Live Viewing

View live footage from any device.

Portal Access

Manage vehicle alerts and track your fleet.


Built-in sat-nav provides driver navigation on the LCD display.

Night vision

Low-illumination camera and in-cabin infra-red provides video in the darkest locations.

Out of Hours Alerts

Receive alerts if the vehicle is driven out of permitted times.

Event Reports

Produce in-depth PDF reports including images, motion, location & speed data.

24/7 KMC

State-of-the-art support from the UK’s leading security specialist.

Kasava A.I. Dashcams

KDC403 with 2nd Camera (internal or rear)

KDC404 with 2nd Camera (internal or rear)

Kasava's A.I. dashcams offer the latest protection to your drivers and vehicles.

Driver I.D.

Kasava driver identity badges offer companies who utilise a pool of vehicles the exact data of who’s driving which vehicle at any given time. We don’t use Dallas keys or RFID tags, and no sign-in is required by the driver.

Kasava Driver Lite

Drivers are provided an I.D. Badge which automatically registers the drivers details once the ignition is switched on, storing this information on Kasava Cloud. Kasava Driver Lite also provides an extra layer of security where the driver can press an SOS button and call for help in case of an emergency.

Kasava Driver Elite

Drivers are provided with an I.D. Badge which operates the same as K driver Lite but also functions as a stand-alone Lone Worker device, providing all the benefits of our Lone Worker solutions. You don’t need any additional devices and the I.D. badge talks directly to your Vehicle CCTV solution.

The Kasava difference...

Hassle-free installation

Kasava's A.I. dashcams are powered directly from your vehicle's in-built OBD-II port. That means your vehicles can be fitted in minutes without the need of removing panels and accessing wires during installation.

A Kasava dashcam can even be self-fitted!

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