A.I. and data analytics for an automated & intelligent mobile workforce.

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Our bodycam solution uses a combination of unique custom algorithms to automatically detect when the user is in potential danger. By combining motion tracking with our video & image A.I. analytics we can offer automated & intelligent protection for your workforce.


HD Video

Continuous 1080p Full HD recording

IP66 Rated

Dustproof & waterproof design

Robust Design

Anti-flame, industrial grade housing.

Built-in 4G

More reliable and faster communication by connecting to the UK's main cellular networks.

Event Alerts

Single button call for help

Night-time Lighting

Built-in IR and flash light.

Assisted GNSS

Aquires the location faster by utilising multiple location technologies.

Replaceable Battery

Keep recording longer with swap out batteries.


Set boundaries and receive alerts if a tracker leaves this area.

Docking Station

Easy charging and video uploading at the same time.

Technical Specs

Kasava's Bodycam offer the latest protection.

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